Today I will Do What Others Won't
So Tomorrow I Can Do What Others Can't

Why the Power of Stories Accelerates Change in Organisations

How to create trust in people and teams so you achieve a higher uptake at a faster rate for your change.

Creating Trust in people and teams can be done through storytelling and when you create trust with people you can accelerate change.

Understanding the Human Mind

Humans have both a Conscious and a Subconscious mind. The conscious mind is concerned with gaining insights and creating awareness. The subconscious mind builds confidence and influences behaviors. If we track this back to the SEE, BE, DO, GET model for leadership where the stories we tell ourselves determine who we are, that determines our actions and ultimately our outcomes, stories all of a sudden come into sharp focus as a tool that can be used to shape behaviors.

The power of a story sought out, or a story given is the ability to influence the actions your team eventually take.

If you share stories with people you give their conscious mind insights and build confidence in you in their subconscious mind. This means that when you tell someone a story about how you successfully or unsuccessfully did something you are giving them insights into their conscious brain and subconsciously this builds their confidence in you because you have done it before and learned your lessons.

When people seek out your stories, that is when you can really influence behavior.

If you can create an environment where people will seek stories from you. You will create awareness in their conscious mind and be able to influence their behavior. – For example, if you asked someone to tell you about how they handled a major organisational change successfully, what they tell you will create an awareness in your own mind and it will influence how you behave during the next major organisational change you lead!

Stories Build:

1.     Trust in self

2.     Trust in others

3.     Trust in the business

Increased Trust = Increased Simplicity + Increased Speed

By using the ability of stories to resonate directly with the people involved in the change you can become a much better communicator.

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