Today I will Do What Others Won't
So Tomorrow I Can Do What Others Can't

What We Do

How well you deliver your next presentation could be the difference between securing a customer or going home with an empty wallet.

Professional Presentations win Hearts, win Minds and win Contracts.

This is why we are all about Creating the Lincoln Leaders of Today, Storyteller extraordinaire’s, professionals able to communicate their ideas to audiences of any size.


Our Services include the following:

Speaker Coaching
Do you need help with presentations? Could your business benefit from you giving public presentations? Are the presentations you give lacking that zing that causes people to want to do business with you? We can help you with all of this and give you the kind of advice that only the best in the business know. We can help you with anything that involves standing in front of an audience.

Pitch and Presentation Creation and Evaluations
When the time has come to win a contract and you are serious about your business then you need to call on us to help you turn that presentation into a winner. We help businesses refine everything from their first introductory pitch to that final all important presentation when going for major contracts.

Keynote Presentations
Dynamic, inspiring, thought-provoking keynote presentations from Tyrone Mapp on Information Technology, leadership, business and personal growth. With a growing repertoire of powerful presentations, Tyrone can add value to your conference or event. Having spoken in New Zealand and Abroad on many subjects including Australasia’s largest SAP event “Mastering SAP” when a true master of the stage is what you are after then Contact Tyrone to have a conversation about your needs.

Story Telling Workshops
Business leaders today need leadership skills more than ever. Gone are the yes generations where people did as they were told because that’s the way it’s done. Storytelling is a superpower that every leader should have up their sleeve to use at will and as a result of this we teach this specific skill set to executives in our storytelling workshops. These are high value, high return sessions that have been tailored to help leaders communicate effectively and authentically. This stems from our very philosophy that Great Leaders are Great Speakers!

What we DON’T do:

We don’t do communication or speaker courses. You won’t find us offering to take a group of your staff through a 2 or three day course on how to speak in front of an audience! This is not because there isn’t good money to be made in selling communication courses, nor is it because we couldn’t deliver the courses, in fact at the start of this business we seriously went down the route of looking into providing them. We simply don’t provide them because these courses have little to no value to you as a business.
Typically what happens is the staff attend the course and then never put into practice what is being taught which means they forget what they were taught very quickly and before you know it they are back at square one. In my business career, I’ve seen it a thousand times, it’s always the same and it never adds any value to your bottom line. As a result of this, we focus purely on the items that are going to get you a return on your investment.