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Website Design and Building

Business Owners! Would YOU like a Website that actually WORKS for you and Generates Business Revenue?

Here is how YOU Can have an AFFORDABLE website solution without paying thousands of Dollars up front to a web design agency that will just take your money and give you a platform that returns you NO money!

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After nearly 20 years involved in information technology and business, I’ve spent thousands of hours studying human behavior, sales, marketing, technology trends and project management disciplines. In all that time I have observed a pattern that repeats itself almost every time someone builds a website for a business. It’s a pattern that hasn’t changed in 20 years and it repeats itself every year. Despite the fact that technology is getting better every day, we can do more, make things prettier, be more creative etc we observe that the results people get from their website remain static. And by static, I mean that the results are APPALLING!

The Status Quo – How businesses keep repeating the SAME mistakes!

The way most websites are built for business follows along basically the same lines.

  1. The client turns up to a web design agency asking for a website.
  2. The client and design agency agree on a price
  3. The design agency builds the website, shows it to the client, the client doesn’t like the website.
  4. They change the website to meet the client’s requests, the client requests more change, the design agency changes it again.
  5. The client is still generally not that happy with the website as things are not laid out exactly as they envisioned and then the project closes out.

They go their separate ways and surprise surprise the website doesn’t really improve their business at all and the business owner is left feeling that was a complete waste of time and money. A few years down the track, new designer, same process, same problems, same outcome!

If you want SUCCESS you are going to need to ignore traditional website development and open your eyes to what really generates income for your business.

I used to follow the traditional way of web design until one day I realised how utterly ridiculous it was, there is no value in it for me or my customers and this needs to change! This is when I started to form my own method for website design, it’s quick, cost effective, does not waste my clients time and best of all it focuses on YOUR needs, of which the MOST IMPORTANT is Revenue and Clients!

You see what almost everyone has lost sight of, is that we need to solve for X – we need to solve problems for our clients, and websites are meant to help you generate revenue but the problem is too often they don’t! They almost NEVER Solve YOUR real problems!

The reason that your website doesn’t generate the revenue it should, boils down to three core areas:

  1. Your website lives in obscurity, no-one knows about it and no-one visits it
  2. Your website lacks a compelling reason for people to do business with you
  3. Your website does not reinforce to your potential clients that you are the expert and the best people to do business with.

Here’s How to solve these three problems for GOOD!

In order to generate you income, we have to solve all three of these problems and the way we do this is by turning each and every one of our clients into their own personal media company. We teach you how to use social media, web marketing tools, Youtube and all things digital to turn your website into a revenue generating machine and then we help you churn out the content like a boss!

I call this the Suhgacity Content Marketing Academy, it’s an academy where the success of your website is entirely owned by you while being totally supported by my systems for high performing websites. Like everything in Life, YOU are the sole architect of success, there is no such thing as a free lunch, but with hard work and diligence your website will become a major revenue generator for your business.

You see the biggest hurdle you have to overcome with your business is obscurity, no-one knows about you. Oh sure, your mom knows about you, but really, in reality, not enough people know about you to start filling up your pipeline with sales. You are going to have to get above the line and in the faces of everyone who you possibly can, and then, in that pipeline, you will find your gold mine.

Traditional websites won’t do it for you, traditional web design companies are out of date and will just cost you money. The only way you are going to boost your business to the next level is by becoming part of our content marketing academy.

How we build websites that give YOU a platform for INCREASING Revenue at a LOW up front cost.

The trick is, we don’t actually do much of the design ourselves, we run all of our website designs through a template factory where you effectively pick a look and feel for your website, give us your logo (or have one made for you cheap as chips) and then we apply some minor tweaks to the website, load your content and set you on your way! We don’t do special design websites where the client dictates where every picture, icon, or piece of content is placed because this is a WASTE of our Clients Money and only leads to dissatisfied outcomes. The real work comes in the content being loaded into the website because THIS and only THIS is where the money is made!

I’ll even give you a bit of free advice here, this process of picking a template, that is what a lot of web design companies do anyway without telling you, then they charge you thousands of dollars for it. Typically a template through our online factory costs about $100-$300 USD depending on what you end up choosing! Best of all there are even FREE template options – This very website is entirely based on a FREE Template that we have done some minor tweaks too but nothing major at all!

This is quite a radical approach but it works, and most importantly it generates revenue for clients at a low price point.

Here are the main differences between the old way of designing websites to our new Content Marketing website option:

What you CAN’T do using our Content Marketing Academy web design that other traditional web design companies do

  1. Create an entirely custom website to your exact specifications (Don’t worry though, this actually doesn’t make you any money anyway!)

What you CAN STILL DO under the Content Marketing System that Traditional Web Design Companies Do.

  1. Have a major input to the design (You help pick the template for your website)
  2. Be the owner of the content on your website
  3. Decide what you want to go on your website
  4. Have your own domain name and email

What you CAN ONLY DO under the Content Marketing Academy System (Traditional Vendors DONT offer These)

  1. Have a fully content enabled website up and running for low cost that you can update yourself!
  2. Get monthly Search Engine Optimisation Reports on how your website is capable of performing in Google
  3. Build an email marketing database of qualified leads that generates you income
  4. Create Revenue through your own expert guided content
  5. Build a fantastic online presence that makes your business stand out from your competitors
  6. Drive leads into your sales pipeline
  7. Have your website fully operational in hours or days instead of weeks or months
  8. Add in an e-commerce store function at NO COST (traditional vendors charge $10k +)
  9. Scheduled website updates and backups to ensure you don’t lose your whole website to a hacker
  10. Fill your sales pipeline with qualified leads hammering on your door to do business with you
  11. Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation

Our EASY five step process to getting your Content Academy website online

  1. Call or Email us to arrange a design meeting
  2. We come to you and help you pick out a design you like
  3. We do a few tweaks to make it even more suited to your business and add in your logo etc.
  4. We build the site menus and sub menus and put initial content in for you
  5. We train you on how to load content yourself and then you call on us to help when you need

And just like that, your website is online and you are starting to build up a credible online presence.

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How to know if the Content Marketing Academy method is right for you:

  1. You want MORE business coming into your company
  2. You are prepared to put in effort in order to become successful and create wealth for you and your family
  3. You are prepared to learn new things in order to grow your business
  4. You are willing to throw away what traditional web design companies tell you about websites
  5. You are more concerned about what makes your business money than the little things that don’t matter in the grand scheme of success.


If you can put a tick next to all five of those then it’s time for us to talk. Send us an email at to start heading towards success today.