Today I will Do What Others Won't
So Tomorrow I Can Do What Others Can't

This Month’s Top 29 Tips From The World’s Greatest Entrepreneurs

The Top 29 Tips from the Most Successful Entrepreneurs.


After reading hundreds of books and articles, I’ve put together the top 29 tips from the world’s most successful entrepreneurs. This is the raw list, no editing.

  1. Set aside one day a month to go through your finances WITHOUT FAIL
  2. Add value
  3. Progress = Happiness, Execution is everything
  4. Have an exit strategy
  5. Pay attention to the little things but most things you worry about don’t matter
  6. Look for Leverage
  7. Change your mindset / the way you think
  8. Love your customers
  9. Experience makes you smarter
  10. Hard times bring new opportunities
  11. Don’t be afraid of losses
  12. Aim to acquire assets
  13. Assets are things that make you money, your car is not an asset
  14. Stop saving money – hedge it!
  15. Hire for integrity, intelligence and energy. You don’t want to hire someone who fails the first but passes the second two!!!
  16. Have passion
  17. Don’t sell crap
  18. Build around customers
  19. Don’t do it for the money
  20. Marketing is about values
  21. Stay hungry, stay foolish
  22. Give it a try
  23. Don’t give up
  24. Keep it simple
  25. Focus
  26. Treat People Well
  27. Ignore the skeptics, they are everywhere!
  28. Affect lives positively
  29. Do things differently

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