Today I will Do What Others Won't
So Tomorrow I Can Do What Others Can't

This is what to focus on when delivering projects to ensure your path to success is as smooth as possible.

Project Managers must Live our live’s by Deliverables

Deliverables are the “products” of the project.

Think of a product in exactly the same way as you look at a chair and think “that’s a product”. A Product(Deliverable) is when you have delivered something. They are time bound and all successful projects are managed by deliverables.

A Deliverable could be anything from “completion of design stage” to “production released”. This allows you to communicate to all stakeholders on the status of the products you are delivering and not the detail tasks. This ensures your conversations with people are about outcomes, not details.

Delivering by Deliverable allows for Detail conversations to happen at a much lower level in the project than the management layer.

Detail conversation needs to happen at a much lower level in the project than between yourself as the project manager and business stakeholders.

If you are stuck in detail conversations with stakeholders you are micromanaging your project and in almost all circumstances you end up wasting your time and energy dealing with things that would have been worked through by your project team members anyway.

As a project manager detail is both your friend and your enemy.

You need to know enough about what is happening in your project to understand what and how things are being delivered but if you delve down into too much detail you will end up trying to do other peoples jobs for them and slow things down as a result.

When building a house your deliverables will be things like, footings laid, foundations complete, framing stood up and squared, etc etc. You will have a date against them and then you manage your entire project according to those deliverables.

Log all risks and issues against the deliverable

Every risk or issue you have in your project is logged against deliverables so you know what problems you are likely to face and the problems you are facing right now that pertain to the product you are trying to deliver.

Once you get used to managing your projects by deliverables you will find that things flow along much easier than you thought they would when you focused heavily on the detail.


By managing your project by deliverables you will find that your time and energy are freed up to work on the most important things for you such as removing roadblocks from team members or taking massive action against problems that inevitably arrive.

You will find that once you get into the mode of running projects by deliverables that you are more effective as a project manager and team members that may have previously relied on you for basic day to day decision making or technical support will no longer do so as they are forced to think for themselves (which almost always produces a good outcome).

The Finish. DFTBA

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