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The Six Reasons Your Website Content is Failing You

Writing Fantastic Content Online

Whether you are writing content for your website, your social media, your local newspaper or anything else, content follows basically the same rules. If it is not relevant to the reader, if it’s not of value to them, you can forget people reading it.

The Six Reasons Your Content is Failing Online

  1. Not Sales Focused There is no point in writing about trivial crap. You will wake up one day and realise you’ve just wasted years of writing on the things that did not get you one sale and never stood a chance of getting you that sale.
  2. Not Search Focused You need to include content, keywords and key phrases that your customers are looking or. You will be wasting your time if you write great content no-one can find.
  3. Not Specific Enough You need to narrow down your content to specific things. Don’t shotgun approach your content. Drill down on specific items, practice essentialism. Content that is not specific does not get readership and does not sell.
  4. Nail Down Your Buyer Personas Most people don’t think about what constitutes the persona of the person that is going to buy from you. You need to nail down that persona beause that will allow you to target your content at them.
  5. Not Consistent Enough People don’t want to see someones site that either does not update their content on a regular basis but also along side this your content must be consistent on your site. If this week you are talking about speaking then next week it’s cars you are going to lose readership.
  6. Too Ego Focused You are talking too much about yourself, showing off, telling people how big your company is, telling them about you and essentially just giving yourself an ego boost. – Guess what? No-one cares about you, they only care about themselves. Your ego content is boring, uninteresting and turns People off!!
  7. Be the TEACHER to make OTHERS Successful

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