Today I will Do What Others Won't
So Tomorrow I Can Do What Others Can't


Learn to tell Stellar Stories for Authentic Connections with People.

For centuries stories have communicated culture, art, history, values and many other items that make up who we are as humans on this lonely planet. We seem to be enamoured with them, it’s as though each story has a life of its own and demands our attention. Anyone in business can use these fantastic tools to help communicate their ideas, make points that would otherwise be missed or ignored and bring their presentations to life.

Let’s take a classic example. Life Insurance… The sales person that sells life insurance using stories is going to be exponentially more successful than one that doesn’t.

Take for example the one that doesn’t use stories to sell. What are they going to say? – Everyone dies, therefore you need life insurance to make sure your wife/husband isn’t burdened with the mortgage when you die. Pretty factual, but boring, lacks connection and has no human element to it.

Then make the shift to the Sales person that uses stories to sell … They have many (sometimes hundreds) of stories to tell their potential clients about people who did or did not take out life insurance. They have many stories, like about how Jack took out insurance and then he contracted cancer and died and his wife and kids were able to keep the home he had built. And other stories about how Jill wanted to save a few dollars on her policy by cutting some parts out, then sadly was effected under those circumstances and was not able to claim.

Using stories like these, the insurance sales person is exponentially more effective because they create connections with their audience and build trust in what they are selling has value for the client.


Storytelling is a Super Power that enables us to connect with our audiences. We teach presenters, business owners and executives the secrets to great storytelling so that you can unlock the Lincoln Leader within!