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Speaker Coaching

The difference between an untrained speaker and a trained speaker is like the difference between a first aider and a master surgeon. No matter how many times the first aider performs CPR they will never comprehend what it takes to perform surgery.

In order to captivate audiences, increase your business, ramp up your career and drive sales up you need to learn how to speak effectively. Like an athlete training for the Olympics who wouldn’t even consider doing it without a coach, if you want to be a truly great speaker you need a coach too. Speaking is one of the most challenging and rewarding tasks for leaders today, it is also one of the most neglected disciplines much to the detriment of the speaker and more importantly, their audience!

In 2014 I was at a major IT conference. The keynote speaker was an executive from one of the world’s largest software companies and he was going to be speaking on a major technological revolution they were selling. 10 minutes into it and most of the audience was nearly asleep. To keep myself awake I counted his umms, I reached 537 umms in his speech before he had finished and I gave up. In a 1 hour speech that is an average of 8.95 umms per minute or 1 umm every 6.7 seconds. This was a shining example of how not to speak to an audience. The fact this executive had no training and had not practiced his speech with a coach shone through.

When the time comes to make an impact you want to know that you are capable of communicating your message clearly and effectively. There are literally hundreds of insider tips and tricks on delivering stunning presentations and speeches and these don’t come to you by accident! Being coached in your speaking and then practicing in front of live audiences is the only way to get ahead and deliver truly captivating speeches.

What most people don’t realise about public speaking:

In order to produce impact in your presentations and speeches there are linguistic formula’s for getting your point across, making it memorable and making it believable. If you look to the great speakers of old from Winston Churchill to Abraham Lincoln they each make use of specific prose in order for their speeches to have the greatest impact on their audiences.

The good news is that the exact same methods that that Churchill and Lincoln used are available to you, you just need to learn them and practice them.

Why even “professional speakers” are missing out on true audience effectiveness

Many people who speak to audiences have never been trained, have never had a coach and as a result miss out on the results they could be delivering. For example when was the last time you had a professional speaking coach go through one of your presentations with a fine toothed comb? Have you ever had someone evaluate your speech to see if they can guess your message? How would you deal with the situation if your PowerPoint presentation suddenly failed? The success or failure of your business or career can hinge on your ability to communicate effectively. Sign up for coaching today and watch your audience’s eyes light up.