Today I will Do What Others Won't
So Tomorrow I Can Do What Others Can't

Social Media Marketing

Everyone Knows that Word of Mouth is the Fastest way to Grow a Business. What they haven’t realised is that Social Media IS Word of Mouth on Steroids !!!

This is How Social Media Impacts Your Business and What You Can Do to Take Advantage of it!

Too many businesses today still have a ho-hum attitude towards social media and it is hurting their bottom line in a big way!

The reason it impacts your bottom line is that 80-97.7% of your customers engage on one social media platform or another. Even old salty down the road has a Facebook page so he can catch up with his grandkids. Now because Social Media is where their attention is and yours is NOT it’s like two ships passing in the night, both of you never knew the other existed or could offer any value.

Some businesses think they are doing really well because they post “things” on social media sites. But that is not really a good strategy. In fact, it’s a terrible strategy because there is NO Strategy to it!

The three core reasons you must be active on social media today

  1. Amazon and massive online retailers are coming for your profits. They are planning to turn your once profitable business into a discount competitor that is soon out of business and out of their way.
  2. 80-97.7% of people are active on social media
  3. To survive in business you MUST get Attention and peoples attention is on social media

Five easy things you can do right now to massively increase your social media profile

  1. Create a Facebook business page, an Instagram business account, a twitter account, a Pinterest account, a Snapchat account and start putting interesting information up!
  2. Find out what your CUSTOMERS value and post that on social media
  3. Get involved in your Community! By community, we don’t mean your suburb! We mean the social media community pages and postings. Post useful things, not salesy things
  4. Get on Instagram and Direct Message a bunch of people some value, give them some help or offer a great tip
  5. Search for a relevant hashtag (like #fishing) and then add relevant, helpful and positive comments to their posts – do this ninety times a day (We call this our $1.80 social media strategy – putting your two cents into 90 posts 🙂 )

Six Fatal Mistakes to many businesses are making in Social Media

  1. Putting too many hashtags into the text portion of their Instagram posts when they should have 20-30 in the first comment
  2. Not posting often enough! The more value you post, the more followers you get
  3. Not following loads of people on Twitter and Instagram – not only do you get great content to interact with, it tells them you exist
  4. Posting competitions to get likes or followers! The trend is to post up a free giveaway to one lucky follower or page liker. But there is one HUGE problem with this. You are not getting loyal followers that love your content, you are getting people who just want free stuff! Let your free stuff be your content, not your hard purchased products!
  5. Failing to realise that when people stop interacting with you on social media, social media platforms eventually tune you out of their feed so they no longer see you.
  6. Not asking people who comment on your feed Open Ended questions. Get them to interact more and more people will see the post. Alot of the time its not about whether they see it, its whether someone who follows them sees it.

Does Getting involved in Social Media Still Sound Like a Ridiculous Idea?

If I wanted every business to know one thing right now. It’s just how much money they are leaving behind by not engaging in social media properly! Their focus on just trumpeting about their own business and not providing value is killing them quietly.

Our Social Media Plans:

Ad-Hoc (Zero Daily Fees, T&M Only)

This is our most basic plan. Basically, you call on us when you feel you need a hand.

There are three kinds of businesses that make use of this:

  1. The part-timer – For people just getting started and can’t commit to much of anything business. They need a hand to get started but don’t have the capital to commit.
  2. Social Media Advertising – Are you looking to run advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn? Then our ad-hoc billing allows you to work with us on advertising that scales with your requirements.
  3. Serious Businesses looking for ad-hoc support – People looking to significantly increase their social media presence but cannot yet commit serious regular money to the endeavor. They just need some support, help or work done on a project by project basis, not a consistent, aggressive social media strategy.

Business Plan – Our Most Popular ($19 per day, billed monthly + a monthly check-in meeting billed separately)

This is our most popular plan as it is for business owners that want to start making a dent in social media. – if it sounds like you get in touch via email on or mobile (027 265 6715 )

We have a One-hour meeting with you each month to go through your strategy, what you are focusing on, what you want to post, set out your plan and help you come up with content. This monthly meeting will become an essential and valued part of your social media strategy.

We commit to posting for you One Instagram and/or One Facebook post per day. Photo and text are supplied by you/your team. (Other social media posts and more than daily posts available on request)

Social Media Advertising plans available to be added into the business plan to support all your social media needs..

Enterprise Plan (Postings, Video, Storytelling, weekly check-in meetings, strategy development)

Is your business serious about getting serious about social media? Do you want someone to do it all for you?

  1. We create the strategy with you
  2. Create daily posts on Facebook and Instagram (photo and content)
  3. Meet with you weekly for an hour to go through the strategy, reports, results etc
  4. Build content and implement successful storytelling

The monthly cost of the enterprise plan will vary on your requirements.


To start your business on Social Media with us get in touch with Tyrone via or via mobile (027 265 6715)