Today I will Do What Others Won't
So Tomorrow I Can Do What Others Can't

Keynote Speaker

Impossible only means you haven’t found a solution yet!
– Tyrone Mapp, Suhgacity.

As each day dawns new possibilities open up before us, dreams are lived, dreams are forgotten, dreams are shattered and it is up to us how we face each day. To get up and face the world, renewed, strengthened and energized is the purpose of sleep and to dream is human. But to act, that is what truly defines us as human beings, it defines what opportunities will come our way and displays our true character. In the words of Thomas Jefferson, “Action will Define and Delineate you”.

As a professional speaker, I don’t speak to an audience, I speak for them. It is my goal to give my audience something to take home that will improve their lives and business. I am passionate about personal improvement, IT, leadership, project management, business and coaching and have tailored 45min – 1 hour presentations around these topics.

Please make your booking well in advance of your requirement as due to the high demand for my services I cannot guarantee my availability without prior booking.


Current Keynotes:

Change Leadership is Possibility Leadership

Change Leadership is Possibility Leadership Keynote

This keynote is all about how to make change effective in your organisation. I tie together the missing components from many change programs and give audiences an understanding of what the psychology of change is and how it affects the ability for change to be successful in your organisation.