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Introducing Flow States to Help You Perform at Your Best at Crucial Moments in Your Life and Business

Create Resilience in Your Business to Perform Better for Longer

I wanted to dedicate a chapter of my blog to helping you perform at your best because self motivation and creating situations where you can thrive is extremely important. Too often our business owners are stressed out, working far too many hours and not enjoying the family life they should because people today suffer from cognitive overload – we spend all day working, we have too much on, too many commitments, too many emails etcetera. It seems we are on a never-ending treadmill to nowhere and all of this information and demands upon our time are overwhelming.

The problem is we are limited in what our conscious brain can handle. It’s between five and nine things and when we get past this number this is when we experience cognitive overload until the number of things we are dealing with in our conscious brain overwhelm us and we experience burn out. But there is good news, the unconscious brain is not limited – it is boundless.

It is from the unconscious mind that we get a phenomenon known as Flow States and these Flow States are the most important thing in keeping cognitive overload at bay and increasing our ability to do innovation. Now I wanted to state here before we carry on. Flow states are not a kooky quasi-spiritual state or term. They are a scientifically proven state of mind that occurs during tasks while certain conditions exist around that task.

Flow States happen when you are entirely immersed in a single task, performing a single thing without distractions like having your email open. Somewhat unsurprisingly high performance athletes that perform dangerous activities activate flow most easily. This is because they must concentrate solely on the task they have at hand otherwise they could seriously injure themselves or even die. These flow states were identified in pioneering research done by Mihály Csíkszentmihályi but the reality is these states have been known about for thousands of years reaching back into ancient middle eastern practices where these states of mind are described in detail. Modern day colloquialism would say “In the Zone”.


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