Today I will Do What Others Won't
So Tomorrow I Can Do What Others Can't

How to Create Systems that Enable You to Be High Performance.

Resilience in Today’s hectic business schedules is no longer optional. The difference between those in control and those that are burnt out is the level of resilience they can attain.

Flow is a key player in resilience in business. As a result of this, it is important to put systems in place that allow you to enter flow. Systems that give you rest from cognitive overload and help to build up your resilience for when times are hard.

As you will be wanting to be at your peak performance as often as possible These core items will help you achieve that performance:

1.     Assess the challenge to skills ratio – Found On my Blog

2.     Improve quality and speed of feedback metrics

3.     Work in series, not parallel (Practice Essentialism)

4.     In flow means ONE thing done REALLY WELL

5.     Set time for innovation, review etc. Create the systems.

6.     Focus on one thing at a time

7.     Q1 and Q2 Activities

8.     Outcome and think, feel, do.

When you think about quick wins or in other terms low hanging fruit, this is something you can do in 48 hours.

If you cannot complete the task within 48 hours of elapsed time then it is not low hanging fruit and needs to be planned into your workload. Sometimes this will mean it never gets done but high performing companies need to work out what they are going to leave broken all the time.

How to Learn what you do until you can work off “Gut Feeling”

As we gain skills and practice at something for many hours you are going to find that you will get a certain gut feeling for whether or not something is going to work.

This is your intuition and intuition is felt, don’t listen for it, feel for it.

If you don’t feel it in your gut then it’s not intuition.

To develop this Gut Feeling or Intuition it is only built up in a system where you get feedback on the success or failure of something. This is part of the reason why it is so important that during times of flow you have continuous feedback as it develops this intuition.

The formulae for resistance and flow is below:

Meticulous preparation + Mindset + State Control = Resilience and Flow.

My key three tips for creating high performance in your business are:

1.     Become an artisan. Learn to love hard work. – Search for the art of perfection.

2.     Ritualise to actualise – Systemising for high performance

3.     Then make the impossible, possible

Put a weekly calendar appointment to review your performance. I talk about the Flow Cycles for High Performance in another article.

If you don’t schedule it, it won’t happen and then you will be left unable to complete the flow cycle which blocks your ability to be high performance in the next week.

Finished. DFTBA

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