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How to create great products that generate you income.

Creating Great Products is Essential for The Longevity of Your Business:

One of the four pillars of greatness I talked about earlier in my culture session was “Create Great Products” and as I talked earlier in my book about how truth is universal and as such, must thread its way through everything, here in this section we are going to talk about creating great products for your customers. You will also notice some parallelism between creating great products and producing a winning strategy in your business to open up uncontested market space.

If you want people to value what you have to offer then you need to make them pay for it, then when you make people pay for something you create a barrier you can measure.

What makes up great products

Great Products are:

  1. Deep

    Products without depth are shallow, they take very little thought and have a very small chance of occupying any market space. An example of a shallow product would be a dog toy. You and every man and his dog are into it… A Deep product requires you to be vested in your product and it must be beyond what is common. The iPhone when it first launched was a very deep product.

  2. Intelligent

    Intelligent products require you to have thought about them. They are not the type of product you just throw out into the market place. The reason why your products are required to be intelligent is because you cannot create market separation unless they are well thought out. It is your ability to think creatively and as a result create intelligent products that sets them apart.

  3. Complete

    Incomplete products don’t fulfil peoples needs. A tyre wheel is not complete unless it has a continuous circumference, it cannot fulfil it’s functions unless it possesses certain features such as tread depth and tread shape and it certainly cannot be used safely unless the correct rubber is used in its manufacturing. If you release a product that is incomplete, (does not meet market needs). Then you have released an inferior product that your competition easily out does.

  4. Empowering

    If your product does not empower someone to do something, you have created a product that is either a commodity or it is useless. Either way it will never be great unless your product can empower someone to do something. It could be something simple like cooking dinner faster or something very complex like creating software that enables shipping companies to plan routes for the most efficient use of fuel and ability to deliver to contract. This book is a product and I have written it to help empower business owners and corporate employees become successful at what they do.

  5. Elegant.

    Elegant can mean graceful and stylish (like a rolex watch) or it can mean pleasingly ingenious and simple (like a razor sharp hand made knife). Have a think about how you can make your products graceful and stylish or pleasingly ingenious and simple, or maybe all four.

Take the next step

The best thing you can do right now is go through all of your products and see what ones fulfill the above five criteria. If any don’t meet the above criteria you have some work to do to make them stand out in the market place today.



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