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Handy LinkedIn Links You Should Know About

Hi Team

Here are Some of the most handy links I have found on LinkedIn.

Just a note up front. LinkedIn does some funny stuff with incoming URL links so you will need to copy and paste these into your browser for them to work properly in most cases.

Your LinkedIn Social Selling Index

Your followers

People you follow

Invitations received

Invitations sent

People you may know

Change Email notifications

Who searched for you? What do they do? What did they type into the search box?

Sick and tired of sharing every profile edit with your network automatically? Turn it off here:

Sick of Partner In-Mail from LinkedIn? Change it here:

Want to turn read receipts on in-mail on and off? Adjust your settings here:

Want to Know WHERE you are signed into LinkedIn?

Change what people can see without being logged into LinkedIn:

Accidentally unfollowed someone? Follow them back here:

The Finish. DFTBA!

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