Today I will Do What Others Won't
So Tomorrow I Can Do What Others Can't

Every Change in Business Must Have These Two People

The Change Champion, making your change happen for you!

The change champion is the boots on the ground when it comes to helping others change.

The change champion is responsible for:

1.     Passing information and skills to people at the coal face

2.     Acting as the first point of escalation for support

3.     Working with process owners to find pockets of challenge and resistance and iron them out.

4.     They are a trusted representative in their own area.

A change champion in change management will be an enthusiastic geek.

With change leadership, the change champion is a trusted advisor

The Sponsor and their Leadership

Change Leadership from the Sponsor is someone that shows real commitment, they are hungry for what the future will bring and makes others hungry for it.

They are a visible supporter, a proud new parent.

The Finish. DFTBA!

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