Today I will Do What Others Won't
So Tomorrow I Can Do What Others Can't

Effectively Create Goals for You and Your Team and Use these Methods to Help you Achieve Them!

GROW is a Coaching Model that can be used to effectively take you and your team’s Goals and turn them into Reality.

We can use the GROW model in many scenarios. Most often it is used to move our businesses and people forward. It can be used for conflict resolution in meetings and many other areas where we need to move people from where we are today to our desired future state.

GROW is the fundamental philosophy that we use to help businesses move from heavily contested marketplaces into uncovering massive untapped demand.

What Does GROW Stand For:

GOAL – What do you want to achieve? What is the objective? I use this a lot in facilitation sessions. Whether you are trying to corral a group of people who are arguing around small items or you need to point people towards an outcome. By asking the team what the goal is you can focus their energy towards a positive outcome.

REALITY – What is happening now? Where are we at? What obstacles stand between us and our GOAL? As with all great moves you need to start where you are at and progress forward from there. Understanding your current situation allows you to fully realise both the good and the bad about your current situation. It allows you to gain an understanding of where you are so you can make a change to the current situation in order to reach your goal. If you don’t understand where you are at right now, you will never be able to move from a to b.

OPTIONS – What could you do? When making shifts in our lives and businesses there are often more options than there are people and resources to carry them out. We need to get them all out on the table so that they can be thought through and analysed for their viability. Make sure everyone comes up with his or her own list of options and then combine answers that are the same and discuss what has been brought to the table and why each individual feels that his or her options are important.

WHAT – What will you do? This is where you decide what it is out of your options that you are going to do. They are the options analysed in the context of your GOAL – Your GOAL is the Lens that will help you Decide WHAT to do. You will also need to cover off how are you going to achieve each of those options and who is going to be assigned the actions out of the options. Once you have decided WHAT is to be done, make sure that people are held accountable for doing them so that you can achieve your GOAL you set out from the beginning.

GROW can be used to Help you process people through tough situations.

It may be that you need to facilitate a tough conversation in a meeting between people with different agendas and opinions or maybe you need to help someone work on getting his or her goals in life and business realised.

By putting it into a framework or method you can create a process for people to follow that allows for action to take place.

A Different Way to Look at the Grow Model That You May Find Useful!

Write down your current situation, then your preferred future. Then work out what you need to change and then how you will make that change happen.

By acknowledging first where you are and second where you would like to be, it allows you to be honest with yourself as to what you need to change in order to make your preferred future possible!


GROW is a fantastic model for helping you through situations where you have a goal to achieve. By focusing on the four steps in the GROW framework you will enable your teams to move forward and empower them with a tool that gives their purpose structure.

The Four steps to GROW are:

  1. GOAL – Whats our objective
  2. REALITY – Where are we at right now
  3. OPTIONS – What can we do to acheive our GOAL
  4. WHAT – What are we GOING to do out of our OPTIONS that support our GOAL

The Finish. DFTBA

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