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Content Marketing Academy

Would you like to turn your WEBSITE and SOCIAL MEDIA into a massively productive sales generating machine? Join our Content Marketing Academy!

For too long websites and social media have been under utilised for generating revenue. Too many businesses I talk to, find they get very little business through their website and social media tools.

The reason for this is because all of your energy has gone into the wrong things!

This is why we have created a content marketing academy. An academy where our business clients get the support they need to create fantastic content on their websites and social media. This content we help you, our clients build then helps to create you revenue.  Content marketing is incredibly effective but it’s one of those things that unless you are doing it, you will never reap the rewards.

Websites and Social Media are massively more productive and cost effective mediums for advertising than ANYTHING else!

Websites and Social Media are by far and away the most cost effective methods for getting your message out today. Magazines, News Paper, TV and Radio are all massively over priced when you compare it to your ROI for a bit of work in your website and social media spaces. Not only is standard social media free for businesses, it’s advertising is incredibly cheap!

If you are going to spend your money on advertising, spend it on your website and social media, nothing else gives better returns

For example, a smaller sized advert in the paper will cost you $500.00, There is no guarantee anyone will even see it, let alone perform any action against it and you have to run at least seven adverts before they start to become effective. This means you will have spent $3,500.00 on advertising before you even know if the advert is going to start bringing you sales.

Contrast this to Google Adwords. At ten cents a click (That is someone has seen your advert and taken an action to look deeper) You would have driven Thirty Five Thousand (35,000) people to your website to view an advert as big and as comprehensive as you want! Even at a dollar a click your chances of making a sale are massively more than any magazine or newspaper advert!

Now that you have people coming to your website, you need to make sure it is capable of turning those leads into sales!

Here’s 3 Reasons Why Content Marketing will Generate MORE SALES than any other medium!

  1. The more you tell the more you sell. People feel more connected with businesses that have a lot to say on their website than those that don’t. We are naturally curious and want to know more and more. The more time someone spends reading your website the more likely they are to buy from you because their trust levels rise.
  2. It’s better to be seen as an expert. Experts are seen as the people who are worthy of spending our money with. Whether you are an expert shoe shiner or an expert engineer. The more you can improve this expert status in the eyes of your customers the more you will sell!
  3. When you give knowledge away, people trust you more. Have a think back to the people you trust the most after only meeting them for short periods of time. These are generally the people who are most willing to give away their knowledge to you so that you can get better at what you are doing. Think of the person who holds onto what they know and doesn’t let it go, do you trust that person? Of course not! Give away your knowledge to increase your sales and you will be surprised at the results!

Heres How to join our Content Marketing Academy

  1. Request Membership by emailing us at:
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  3. Start using our CMA services to make your website and social media a high performance platform