Today I will Do What Others Won't
So Tomorrow I Can Do What Others Can't

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Effectively Create Goals for You and Your Team and Use these Methods to Help you Achieve Them!

GROW is a Coaching Model that can be used to effectively take you and your team’s Goals and turn them into Reality. We can use the GROW model in many scenarios. Most often it is used to move our businesses and people forward. It can be used for conflict resolution in meetings and many other […]

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If You Change HOW You Listen To People, YOU CHANGE the TRUST You Get in Return

The reason people are ignoring what you say, is because you are ignoring what they said! This is the listening Triangle. What is most important is at the top, what is least important is at the bottom. The problem is, we spend too much time at the bottom of the triangle and not enough at […]

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Learn the Grow Model for Coaching to Help You Lead Your Teams Effectively

GROW Model for Coaching Learn the GROW model for coaching GOAL – What do you want to achieve REALITY – What is happening now OPTIONS – What could you do WILL – What will you do Another refactoring of the grow model Write down your current situation, then your preferred future. Then work out what […]

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