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Category: Digital Marketing

The Ten Vital KPI’s Every Single E-Commerce Marketer Needs to Know!

The Ten Vital KPI’s any E-commerce Marketer should know   ROI – Revenue / Costs YOY – Year on year growth – Last Year / This Year CLV – Customer Lifetime Value – Profit / Customer / Year x number of years AOV – Average Order Value – Average Revenue / Customers CR – Conversion […]

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17 Factors Directly Impacting Your Ability to Rank Well in Google Searches

Search Engine Optimisation Page titles appropriate – wrap in <H1> Tags. Google displays the first 50-60 characters of the title tag in search. Have a fast loading site – the faster the better Mention target keyword in title Create useful content Put the keyword in the first 100 words website must be mobile responsive Your […]

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20 of the Hottest Instagram Tips in The Market Place Today

Instagram Create a business page not a personal page Decide on your goals Enable your pics to be shared to all social media Theme photos for a familiar look Embed Instagram photos on your blog Post sponsored ads Incentivise followers with exclusive promos Use hash tags, but not too many at one time Like relevant […]

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The Six Reasons Your Website Content is Failing You

Writing Fantastic Content Online Whether you are writing content for your website, your social media, your local newspaper or anything else, content follows basically the same rules. If it is not relevant to the reader, if it’s not of value to them, you can forget people reading it. The Six Reasons Your Content is Failing […]

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