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Category: Creating a Winning Business Strategy

These Are the FOUR STEPS to Making Your Competition IRRELEVANT!

Once You Know How Your Industry Competes, Then You can Redefine Your Business to Make the Competition Irrelevant. By completing the Strategy Canvas (In The Blog Previous) You will now have a picture of your business and competitors and as a result, what you compete on. Then when you look at what your business competes […]

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Apple’s new iPhone is the start of the decline as apple descends into a bloody red ocean of competition

What the new iPhones now represent: ·        The new iPhone’s offer nothing of additional value (Outside spec increases) ·        The new iPhone’s do not reduce end user cost (They increase it with required accessories) ·        Apple is now copying its competition and charging more for the privilege (a lot more) What I Predict Happening in the next five […]

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