Today I will Do What Others Won't
So Tomorrow I Can Do What Others Can't

Business Coaching

Too Many Business Owners Miss Out on The Business and Life they Set out to Create Because the Business Owns Them, Not the Other way round!

The Good News is, it Doesn’t have to Stay Like That…

Our passion is all about making your plans, dreams and vision for your life and business come true. This is why I created Suhgacity and am building it into New Zealand’s premier business coaching business.

What is Business Coaching?

Business Coaching is quite simply about taking you and your business places you could not go on your own.

Business coaches look at all aspects of your business and assess where we can make improvements that are going to have massive positive effects on your business.

Take for example an international health and nutrition company that was a client of mine. They were having massive problems with lackluster sales on their e-commerce platform. After some investigation I was able to find that customers were having problems placing orders for common items.
We created a commonly purchased items pick list for customers online and sales went from $10k per month to $34k per month basically overnight. By solving a problem the customer had, with a simple, creative solution, we were able to make a huge difference to their sales.

For some businesses it is about standardising processes, for others it’s finding revenue or markets that no-one knew existed before, for many, it’s about getting you the life and business you always dreamed of!

If being in control of your business, generating significant Profits and having time for family and holiday’s sound’s like what you would like then we can help you achieve these goals.

Here are the Eleven Steps to Setting up the Basics in Your Business So You Can Set Yourself Free!

  1. Create a Vision for Yourself and Your Business
  2. Outline the Mission for your business
  3. Setup the Culture of Your Company
  4. Create the Strategy for Your Business (Expand into uncontested market space)
  5. Create SMART Goals for your Business
  6. Create an Organisational Chart
  7. Develop Positional Contracts
  8. Set KPI’s
  9. Create How-To Systems
  10. Create Management Systems
  11. Actively Measure the Important Things!

If you have never done some or all of the above then you are missing out on creating the business you always dreamed about.

For example, if I was to ask you what the script is that your staff follow when they answer the phone, and then ask you why you do it that way, 56% of business owners don’t have a comprehensive answer. Then when we move onto sales scripts, how you handle stock, what you do in a disaster and many other processes that effect how you run your company it will soon become apparent how much in your business is managed by abdication and not effective delegation.

To get started on coaching, contact us by either email or phone to organise a free one on one consultation about what we can do for your business.


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