Today I will Do What Others Won't
So Tomorrow I Can Do What Others Can't

20 of the Hottest Instagram Tips in The Market Place Today


  1. Create a business page not a personal page
  2. Decide on your goals
  3. Enable your pics to be shared to all social media
  4. Theme photos for a familiar look
  5. Embed Instagram photos on your blog
  6. Post sponsored ads
  7. Incentivise followers with exclusive promos
  8. Use hash tags, but not too many at one time
  9. Like relevant images from other people
  10. Follow others with similar interests
  11. @ tag or mention your customers, partners, suppliers, staff etc.
  12. Ask customers to tag you in their posts
  13. Show your products
  14. Show how your products are made
  15. Go behind the scenes
  16. Show what your products can do
  17. Show off the office and employees
  18. Take your followers with you – show off trade shows etc
  19. Share quotes and inspiration
  20. Run competitions to get more followers

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