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The events that changed the course of my career and sparked a passion for helping people become great speakers

The events that changed the course of my career and sparked a passion for helping people become great speakers

The year was 2007, I was working for local government in IT and I was providing the support for a big public council meeting. I was sitting off to the side and the CEO at the time got up to speak.

This was a guy who had spent his entire career getting to the top of his game, I was expecting a great speech, something that would stir the hearts of the audience and get them on his side. What happened instead was he stood up and the speech he delivered was littered with umms, it was un-inspiring and completely failed to fulfill it's purpose. In fact it was so boring I saw one of the councillors had nodded off!

I sat there and thought to myself, I never, ever, want to be that person, to reach the peak of my career and not be able to effectively communicate to an audience. I want to be confident and have the audience eating out of my hands! The problem was, back then my ability to speak was at the same level of that CEO, no wait, it was worse! I can remember starting to lecture IT at a university and my nervousness and inability to really connect with my audience made it hard to build relationships from day one. It's hard to be seen as an expert when you struggle to communicate clearly to your audience!

This sparked a journey into learning everything I can on public speaking. I joined a toastmasters club, I spent 7 years being critically evaluated by some of the greatest speakers in the world. I learned the hard way on how to give great presentations, how to tell stories, and I continue to learn until this day! This passion for speaking has enabled me to help people from all sorts of backgrounds. From business speakers and politicians to dad's looking to give their daughter the greatest wedding speech ever. I help people grow sales and even helped coach a man who ended up second in the world at a speaking competition!

I can remember one senior manager came to me a couple of years ago, he had to give a presentation to his kid's school about his experience working in the UN. It was the morning of the presentation so I didnt have much time, we sat down and he took me through what he wanted to talk about. He had the usual problems every inexperienced speaker has but within half an hour we had re-engineered his presentation and he went out and absolutely blew his audience away. Would you like to know what the secret I gave him that gave him such a great talk? It's something really simple, we just threw out his slides, went through his presentation and replaced bullet points with stories he could tell the audience and those stories made the talk.

What I do now is share my passion for speaking and I'm not just passionate about speaking, I'm passionate about helping people become great speakers, I'm passionate about helping people create killer business presentations and pitches, I'm passionate about helping you share your stories and I'm passionate about helping that dad give the greatest wedding speech for his daugther ever!

If what you do is important to you, if winning contracts is important to you, if giving your daughter the greatest wedding speech ever is important to you then contact me and let's have a chat about what I can do to help you be great too!